Projects in my lab

In my lab, I am studying various research questions, which either center around identifying patterns in speech production, or identifying patterns in large text corpora.

Automatic detection of linguistic patterns in legal big data (2017 - 2021)
(Co-PI: Michel Vols, PhD student: Masha Medvedeva, Collaborators: CNR Italy)

In this project, we attempt to automatically detect patterns in Dutch and English case law. The goal of this interdisciplinary project is to develop and evaluate quantitative techniques which may predict the outcome of case law. This project is funded by the Young Academy Groningen.

Speech recognition for congenitally blind speakers (2016 - 2017)
(Researcher: Pauline Veenstra, Collaborator: Royal Dutch Visio)

In this project we investigate if the speech of congenitally blind speakers differs from that of sighted speakers, both from an articulatory as well as an acoustic perspective. Specifically, we investigate if automatic speech recognition performance differs between the two groups. This project is funded by VIVIS.

Improving speech learning models and English pronunciation with articulography (2013 - 2017)
(Collaborators: Patti Adank, Mark Tiede, Andrea Weber, R. Harald Baayen and others)

In this project we are investigating articulatory differences between Dutch and German speakers' pronunciation of English versus those of native English speakers. Furthermore, we are assessing how visual feedback of the speech articulators may help improve non-native speakers' pronunciation of English. This project is funded by NWO (Veni grant).

Investigating language variation physically (2012 - 2013)
(Collaborators: R. Harald Baayen and team members in Tübingen)

In this project (conducted at the University of Tübingen) we have investigated Dutch dialect variation using articulography. This project was funded by NWO (Rubicon grant).

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