Automatic Summarizer

Starting the application

Click here to start the Automatic summarizer for Dutch and English scientific documents (opens new window). If the application does not start, please try the signed version (opens new window) or download the standalone application.

In case the summarizer does not produce any output, please note the following:

Explanation of parameters

The automatic summarizer is based mainly on statistical features which are discussed in this presentation. To learn more about the automatic summarizer, read the manual.

Download source and documentation

The program and sourcecode below are free for personal or academic use. In the case of re-using a sourcefile, please leave the header intact. Commercial use of the sourcecode and software is prohibited. For more information contact one of the authors (see below). To execute the jar-files and the applet J2SE RE is required (at least version 1.4.2).


The automatic summarizer was designed and implemented by Martijn Wieling and Wicher Visser, graduated MSc students from the University of Groningen, Department of Computer Science, Intelligent Systems (2007).


We would like to thank: